Monday, October 20, 2008

The Blair Years by Alistair Campbell

Loath though I am to recommend anybody putting money in Campbell's coffers, there's no getting around the fact that this book is a gripping insider's view of one of the most extraordinary Downing Street set-ups in modern times. Campbell was at the heart of the Blair revolution in government (although not, as he often claims, an architect of New Labour itself), and the jobbing journalist turned spin supremo puts his hack skills to good use in these diaries. Whether or not Campbell really should have been devoting time each day to producing a memoir that was intended as an extra little retirement nest-egg is another matter, but AC was never a stickler for ethics, unless they were someone else's, and he saw political advantage in them. The man's a grotesque part of our political history, but the book is fascinating. Grit your teeth and buy it or, better still, find someone who already has done and borrow their's!

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