Monday, October 20, 2008

Pretty Straight Guys by Nick Cohen

Nick Cohen is a very readable left-wing journalist, and this book represents a real blast from the left against the New Labour party - and government - created by Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson. The title is from a comment by Blair, that he considered himself to be a "pretty straight sort of guy", and the book uses it as an ironic hook on which to hang its argument throughout its 300-odd pages with very little let-up. If you thought Tony Blair was a well-meaning, sincere sort of guy with a decent project to change Britain, this left-wing iconoclast will disabuse you of the notion. Much of the criticism of Blair comes, of course, from the right, so it is refreshing to read an unashamedly left-wing attack; a reminder that the Left hasn't been abandoned by all its adherents in Britain just yet.

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