Monday, October 20, 2008

The Triumph of the Political Class by Peter Oborne

Conservative journalist Peter Oborne produces a very accessible book about the current state of our political rulers. He uses well observed and pacy accounts to show that most of the political leadership come from a narrowly defined group of people who have never done anything outside politics. He identifies the cosy relationship between the media and political classes, suggesting they are in fact all one caste, and argues that their insulation in the Westminster village makes them less responsive to the popular will than has been the case for many years. At a time when we have two brothers and a married couple in the cabinet, and a brother-sister team in Gordon Brown's inner counsels (Douglas and Wendy Alexander, although both may have blotted their copy-books a little now), to say nothing of the arrival of most of the New Labour elite at the Sky Political Editor's wedding not long ago, this would seem to be a very timely book.

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